Address to the North Broadway Social Settlement, November 5, 1903



Chicago Worker Delivers Address in Auditorium of Central Y. M. C. A. on Social Settlement.

When Miss Jane Addams, founder of Hull House, Chicago, told at the Central Y. M. C. A. last night how Greeks, who dug railroad embankments, presented a Homeric play in the Chicago settlement an ovation was tendered to the speaker.

Founder of Hull House, Chicago, who lectured last night at the Central Y. M. C. A.

This was but one of the many interesting incidents that the speaker related in the hour and a half she told of settlement work and means. The lecture was delivered under the auspices of and for the benefit of the North Broadway Social Settlement.

Miss Addams is the guest of the local settlement workers, and during her stay here is seeking to do good by relating the methods that have been used in bringing about the great success of the Chicago institution.

Speaking of the enterprise in which she is interested, Hull House, Miss Addams said:

"This is situated just back of the business district of Chicago, and is in a territory where, within a third of a square mile, may be found persons of nineteen nationalities. The great majority of these are Greeks.

"It is all right to talk about Americanizing the foreigner, but while we are doing it let us take his past and use it for our good. They are a people of history and tradition and all of them have some good thing. We hear a lot about the scum of Europe. The scum of Europe does not come over here.

"The social side of settlement life stands uppermost in America. You do not find many students among those you have to deal with. In fact, you do not find many students anywhere. It is society that you must offer to them, the chance to intermingle with each other, and with persons who are their superiors, a relaxation of the working muscles and a diversion.

"To promote social life we have a coffee-house, a gymnasium, a reading-room, a theater, many clubs and other things. You can teach persons and elevate them without their knowing it, until it is done, and to do this, I take it, is the aim of the ideal social settlement."

This evening a reception will be given to Miss [Addams] at the North Broadway Settlement, No. 1227 North Broadway.

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