Jane Addams to Henrietta Octavia Rowland Barnett (fragment), November 1, 1913


[missing pages] of doors in a beautiful grove of trees.

The day was one of those wonderful autumn days we so often have in America, and the entire setting lent itself to the life and work of the gifted and good man whom we had met to memorialize.

I am sure that Mr Woods has written you of what we tried to say, and we both felt that the youngest "resident" there had caught [page 2] something of that wonderful life.

We are having the likeness done from the plate you so kindly sent, that each settlement may have at least one picture of Canon Barnett.

We are all hoping that you will be able to come to the United States sometime during the coming year. I believe that the settlements here would be a comfort to you and that you would [page 3] realize that the form of social effort which you and he worked out, has proven to be of such great social value.

Even your grief must be shot through with consciousness that so much of your work was mutual that it will forever embody you both to our minds.

Please let me write you soon again and know that I am always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

Nov 1st 1913

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