Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, July 28, 1913


July 28, 1913.

My dear Miss Addams:

In the matter of the Social and Industrial Justice Department -- I have just learned that Mr. Charles Stelzle is resigning from the Department of Labor of the Presbyterian Home Mission Department, and is thinking of setting up for himself as a consulting sociological expert, or something of the sort, As he carries a union card, and is thoroughly in touch with social work and conditions, it seems to me that he would make an admirable secretary for your department, and with a man of that [caliber] as secretary, you might feel disposed to continue as chairman. 

As a possible chairman -- should you decide to change -- my first suggestion would be Dr. Samuel McCune Lindsay. He is practically putting his summer in on covering the social and industrial planks. He is at present chairman of the Educational Department of the Service. In a way it would be easier to fill the latter post than that of chairman of the Social and Industrial Justice Department, and he might be willing to transfer.

Raymond Robbins returns from Europe this fall, and he might be good timber for the chairmanship of the Educational Department, as it would be distinctly in line with his Men and Religion work.


Paul U Kellogg [signed]