Education and Democracy, May 23, 1904 (excerpt)


Jane Addams' Address.

In quiet, forcible tones spoke the famous Hull House philanthropist, who by "being a good neighbor," to thousands of Chicago's slum poor has done much service. She discussed "Education and Democracy." Education must not be left to the educators. Teachers must find out methods, but the aim and results of education concern the people. We must see to it that education throws light on daily living, follows lines of interest and helps individual to fill his own niche better. Education is not all of books and school teaching. Human contact is necessary to enlarge the sympathies – and create new points of view. The man who works for his daily bread that he may have strength to do more work for more bread has narrow conception of meaning of life. No one is so poor has he who has only the necessities of life. Sympathy, interest in people and events, giving of self in service to the world can only develop the reality of living.

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