Albert Jeremiah Beveridge to Jane Addams, December 15, 1906

United States Senate,
WASHINGTON, D.C.  ↑Indpls↓

Dec 15th

Dear Miss Addams;

I cannot refrain writing you my admiration of your perfect address last Thursday night. You taught me much in the noble art of speaking; & I should be unjust to myself if I did not acknowledge my debt.

As to the cause-–it moves on reasonable well, considering [page 2] the forces that work so subtly against us. Public opinion is our only hope. Can you, I wonder, bring this in any way to bear on Dolliver & Clapp. I shall take measure also-–but your weight with the American people is so greatly great that you can aid invaluably & do more than I can try hard as I may & I will [page 3] put my whole soul into this.

The first [rangle] is that they will possibly try to substitute "something just as good"; but you are familiar with the methods.

With sincerest admiration & profoundest respect.


Albert J. Beveridge

To Miss Addams, Chicago.