G. H. Bastian to Jane Addams, August 26, 1912


Madam -- You are possibly blind to the fact That "Evil Communications Corrupt Good Manners." Your Demi God surely is a dandy. Out of his own mouth a Liar, a most audacious liar, Lied about himself, about the President, about numberless persons and things. An international burglar "I took it," he shamelessly prates, in reference to his theft of Columbian possession Panama. A consuming perjurer in that he violated his oath of office, an open flagrant violator of every confidence ever [reposed] in him. A shameless dirty mouthed black-guard whose vile tongue spoke evil of our best of men and women, even went so low as to label men "liars," Crooks, brigands, 2nd story men, vampires and numberless other names degrading and dirty, can there be a doubt, a doubt in this day of [reckoning], in the day of exposé that Theodore Roosevelt is about the most unclean, the most vile, and contaminating citizen in the whole Country. Unclean debauched brute.

Can it be possible that in all New England a woman --  Yes even in this vast Country a woman can be found who would be willing to stoop low enough to espouse such a man. Now in order to be Consistent you should at once move to New York. Secure an office in the Tenderloin, in the Red light district, in fact you should display a red light in the front window, and label the door a "Negro Assignation House in the rear." In addition to espousing the noble degrading cause of Rooseveltism you could handle a few "white slaves."

Even this would not be any worse than the Debauchery of T. R. rascality. You could [receive] immunity from Gaynor, Waldo Becker & co. In case you conclude to open this office and will ask for it I will donate a "Bull Moose Head Horns and all" together with a Red light for your front stoop, May I cause you to think are you loose, all your little [respectability] ashamed of you

I am yours,

G. H Bastian

New York