Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, January 14, 1901

335 South Halsted Street

My dear Alice

There has been some delay in getting a copy of my guardian papers, which Mr [Faville] said were necessary. Mr Clark of the Cook Co Probate Court was evidently overwhelmed with business. However they are off at last and I hope for no more delays. We are expecting a visit from John Linn, that may expedite his signing the deed.

Yes, indeed, the [slippers] [page 2] came and I am most grateful for them. The Christmas season at H.H. gets pretty intense, so many of the residents go home so that those who are left have little time for visiting. With love to Marcet always your loving sister. Jane Addams

Jan'y 14"—1901

P.S. Please give Marcet my thanks for the match scratcher.

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