Mary Foulke Morrisson to Social Workers, ca. October, 1912

Progressive National Committee

Considering that the platform of the Progressive Party contains those tenets which workers in charity and correctional organizations have been attempting to inaugurate for a decade, it seems singularly fitting that we as social workers should be avowedly identified with the movement.

Will you not give your State Chairman the assurance of where you stand on this issue, if you have not already done so? You will notice by the enclosed lists of chairmen, that there are certain states still without chairmen. What suggestions can you give us to fill these vacancies rapidly and effectively?

Under separate cover we are sending literature and will gladly send additional literature upon receipt of request from you (If [your] state has a chairman, kindly communicate with her direct). We will also send literature to any person who you think might be interested in that way.

Let us hear from you. Your interest [ensures] success.

There is a call for speakers from Ward and County Chairmen. Will you help in this way?

Very truly yours,

Chairman of Women in Social Work Committee.

Progressive Headquarters,
Room 413, Hotel LaSalle.

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