Julia L. Munger to Jane Addams, May 1, 1911


Dear Miss Addams,

Perhaps you may like to see the enclosed notice of your last book especially as it comes from a church paper of a denomination which was slow to [page 2] accept the settlement idea. And I want to add a word of personal thanks for the inspiration I found in the book. It seemed to me a real "revelation" -- and I say this reverently. I read it aloud to my husband and I am [page 3] sure that he will be a more sympathetic employer of labor for having received the message of the book.

Dear Miss Addams, some of us who are breaking our hearts over the poverty and misery and vice and selfishness of the [page 4] great city without being free to lend any effective aid are full of wonder and thanks that you can do so much with your slender strength.

There seems so little virtue in mothering one's own family, so much in mothering the neighborhood.

Yours with deepest respect,

Julia L. Munger

839 Drexel Square
May first, 1911

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