Richard Theodore Ely to Jane Addams, January 6, 1904

January 6, 1904
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull-House, 335 S. Halsted St.,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:

While in Chicago on Monday I tried to reach you by telephone, but found that you were not in.

The meeting of the Regents takes place a week from Monday, and if it is possible I ought to have all matters definitely arranged by the middle of next week.  I venture to ask if you have as yet seen Mr. McCormick?  I have not heard from him as yet.  If you could see him personally I believe it might result in a favorable decision.  There is nothing like a personal interview.  I do not like to give you trouble, but I feel that you appreciate the importance of the undertaking.  I am inclined to think that I shall take up your suggestion and write to Mrs. Lloyd about my proposed undertaking.  I hesitated about doing so because I have not felt sure concerning her ability to assist in such a large enterprise, and I have felt that she is probably inclined to be too generous.

Sincerely yours,

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