Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, April 12, 1912


April 12, 1912.

Dear Lady: --

I have just written Judge Mack that so far as I have been able to reach the Chicago group, we are all united on Miss Lathrop.

It does seem to me a pity not to have a woman -- and a very able one -- in this position, and so much of Miss Lathrop's experience has naturally prepared her for a place of this sort. While I don't want to unduly urge her beyond any Eastern candidate, I am sure she would fill the place splendidly. No one who has not lived with her, year in and year out, can realize her splendid ability and absolutely clear mind.

Has anyone urged Miss Goldmark? Certainly she has the qualifications on the child labor side, and has always lived so near advanced educational authorities that she must be well equipped there as well. Let's try hard for a woman first. If that is impossible I feel that I have no distinct preference in regard to a man although Mr. McKelway would seem to be the natural candidate, but there may be objections to that which I don't understand.

Always affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Miss Lillian Wald
New York, N.Y.