Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, March 19, 1912


March 19" 1912.


My dear Alice

I have looked up duplicate photographs and sent for an [illegible] today. Would you like me to send you the two books of photographs of the Child Welfare Exhibit. If I don't hear from you I will send them along. I am sending you twenty more Year Books to make up the five dollars.

Clara, Mary, Miss Blackwell [page 2] and myself went to hear Ben Hur on Friday night. I liked Marcet's playing very much -- indeed it was most intelligent and sympathetic and the contrast between the [poverty] in the first act and the [liberty] in the last, was awfully well done.

I am sorry you didn't come on to see it.

Aunt Jane doesn't seem to change very much and it was awfully nice to see them all [again]. I will write you this week. Laura has gone to select the [page 3] wallpaper for me and will send it on to Cedarville. I sprained my left foot yesterday & can't [budge] today.

Always your loving sister J. A.


Marcet was looking very well both off and on the stage. It was great to see her.