Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, February 26, 1912

The Hampton Terrace
Augusta, Georgia


I am sending off two copies of the book this morning, one to you and one to Macmillan. It is larger and I think better, welded together more at least. I am awfully glad it is off.

I am going to try [one] Survey editorial or two today [page 2] or tomorrow and we leave on Thursday. I have promised to motor with ↑(Miss Wald's &)↓ the Seligmans, who are here with a gorgeous car of their own and whose many invitations I have declined.

The lady had another of her bowel attacks last night and is wretched today [although] the room is gay with your flowers, Wally Kirks and a [illegible] [page 3] bunch from J. A. I had some books sent to Astor St and we are going to try a little festivity at dinner. The Washington plan was only mentioned once when we could not find a typewriter, but we have come out very well ↑on↓ that side having hired a young man for $25.00 a week whom Mr Kirk unearthed. [page 4]

It would be awful nice if you could go to Philadelphia & Bryn Mawr with me for [my] suffrage meeting at the latter place March 14" -- I have just taken the Phila. City Club for March 17", perhaps we could go to Wilkes Barre or Lakewood in between -- all this depending of course on the dear invalid at home. [page 5]

Do please save Monday March 4" so we can lunch with Mrs Harvey when I speak at Geneva. The visit comes foremost in her mind I think. The train leaves at 12.30, I we'd get back to dinner. I do hope that Miss Christensen is all right again.

I am moved to send you some fresh picked out of doors [page 6] violets, did you ever think I'd be so sentimental but I am about you, Dear,

Always yrs J. A.

Feb'y 26" 1912