Jane Addams to Richard Theodore Ely, December 5, 1903


My dear Mr Ely

Miss Culver has gone to Spain for the winter, sailed only yesterday [although] she has been in Baltimore for a week or two. I doubt whether writing to her would be as effective as seeing her [although] it might avail. Her address is c/o Bank of Scotland London.

Mr Hooker and I have been talking over various possibilities and I will write in a day [page 2] or two if we find anyone who is promising. There are several rich liberal minded Jews of course of whom might be reached through Dr Hirsch who is really enlightened on the labor situation and who would appreciate a really scholarly effort like the one you propose.

The entire plan seems to me something that we all ought to help get money for -- for nothing would be more useful and [page 3] helpful.

Have you read John Mitchell's book -- the working men are going [to get] a lot of help out of that I think.

Hoping that I will be able to write you soon again and thanking you for your kind letter I am faithfully yours

Jane Addams 

Dec. 5" 1903

[written at top of page 1] not many people of right kind.  say no more than necessary about it - 

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