Jane Addams to Lola Maverick Lloyd, June 8, 1929


June 8 1929

My dear Mrs Lloyd:

We are getting on quite well with the Mme. Schwimmer case here. The committee was started with representatives for the Liberal Club and the W.I.L. and is slowly securing other organizations. Mrs Rabe, as you know, is hoping for a rehearing.

I do not know how possible it would be to bring up a decision of the Supreme Court in an international meeting, but of course I shall be glad to take that up with Miss Balch and other officers of the U.S.A. I think we will do better to carry on independently in Chicago although of course we want to cooperate with the national committee in any way that will be useful.

I saw Jessie the other day in the Woman's College Club. I hope she will speak for us in Hull House on her return to Chicago. She is looking very well, and it was a great pleasure to see the child again.

Thank you so much for the Prague check.

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]