Jane Addams to Amy Woods, ca. September 8, 1924


See end of letter. J A

[written above first paragraph] Have sent them back with comments. J A

[written in right margin of second paragraph] [I] had written to Mrs Post about both of them, see her last letter.

[written in right margin of third paragraph] Thank you for address.

[written in left margin of fourth paragraph] Have heard nothing of this save that Mrs Catt was made chairman of such a Committee at the League of Women Voters convention at Buffalo. I have had [absolutely] no notice or invitation. [page 2]

[written in top margin] Prof Quidde the Prest asked me to speak at the Congress but of course I could not go -- I wish we could have a full representation -- [i.e.?] all we are entitled to.

[written at bottom of page] My dear Miss Woods

I hope you don't mind my answering your letter in this way. Our house is full of guests and there seems to be little time for writing.

I am most eager to hear of the decisions in Swarthmore. Hastily yrs

Jane Addams

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