Rebecca Jordan Chany to Jane Addams, October 28, 1911



The Cadra,
Washington, D.C.
October 28th, 1911

My dear Miss Addams:

Although I know your correspondences numbers into the thousands I feel that I must, from a send of gratitude, unite and tell you how very glad I am because you are writing a series of articles in McClures, on the "Social Evil." I am just a young girl myself, [page 2] but I have great sympathy for those less fortunate than I, who have a good home. So many girls in my position are totally ignorant of condition or fail to acknowledge them. I hope many of them will read your article an realize their responsibility in the great problem. I think we could do so much by telling our maids or the girls we meet who leave in country places where we go for vacations.

I have found occasion several [page 3] times to speak of the "social evil" to girls who were going alone to the city, in fact one of them was spoken to by a man in the South Station in Boston.

So even we girls of the so called "leisure class" may add our little mite to the great work at which you are one of the chief representations.

I hope this will not be an intrusion but that you will believe it is a heart felt "thank you."

I am sure that in spite of all the odds, when people realize the conditions, the Right will win.

With best wishes for the righting of many wrongs,

Believe me,
Yours with utter deepest respect,
Rebecca Jordan Chany.

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