Jane Addams to Esther Margaret Linn Hulbert, May 13, 1923

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Nanking, May 13" 1923

My dear Esther -- Please excuse this blotted piece of paper which seems to be all I can find and it is too late to go downstairs for more. I want to send my congratulations to Louise. I do hope all will go nicely and that I will be at home before the event.

We had a very nice time at Shanghai [where] I did a good deal of speaking and now have come to the old capital for a few days on our way to [Peking]. The bandits are all in the hills and we are told that the R.R. is perfectly safe [although] we have given up going into the interior.

I hope all goes well with Eri graduation. I am writing Miss McManus to send you an extra check for the mortgage interest July 1st but if she does that and adds $250.00 for Eri's use, it will be all that I can [advise] [although] I wish I might do more. This being unable to earn money when [traveling] has its drawbacks.

Hoping you are all well & that a new business is developing. I am always your loving aunt Jane Addams

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