Association for Peace Education Membership Form, ca. October 1923


Major A. R. PETERSON, Treasurer

HAROLD R. PEAT, Secretary
{"Private Peat"}
Association for Peace Education
1010 Fine Arts Building, CHICAGO

I hereby subscribe to the fund of the above Association the amount indicated, payable to A.R. Peterson, Treasurer, 5 North La Salle Street, Chicago, Illinois.  National Bank of Commerce, Chicago, -- Depository

Memorial Membership

NOTE: -- The Memorial Membership will be in the name of those whose lives were given in the hope that they were fighting a war to end war, and to make good our promise to them.

[blank] DOLLARS, ($ [blank])

Payable --} Cash}
herewith [blank]

$ [blank]

$ [blank]

Memorial to [blank]

Name of Subscriber [blank]

Street [blank]

City [blank] State [blank

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The purpose of the Association for Peace Education is: to promote peace by the process of Education and to discourage the teaching of National animosities.

"Undoubtedly we shall from that time on have a much more adequate view of the essential unity of the whole story of Mankind. ... A broader view of History, if it can be implanted in the communities mind of the future, will strengthen the efforts of those who will have to deal with great problems of human destiny, particularly with that of preserving peace and outlawing war."

The President of the United States.

"The American people can end war in our time if they will get on the job. Let us Wage Peace."

Gen. John O'Ryan.

The world is looking to America for leadership in this field -- as no other Nation can take the Initiative at this time.

War enlists every one in the Nation in its service -- are there any who will not take part in the Service of Peace?

Let us make the International School for Peace Education a memorial for all who have faithfully served their country.