Jane Addams to Frank F. Bunker, ca. August 30, 1923 (summary)


Social Worker Accepts Bid to Give Talk Here

Jane Addams Declines to Deliver Address But Is To Speak Briefly

Jane Addams, of Hull House fame, has responded by radio to a wire sent her aboard the liner President Cleveland, that it will be impossible for her to give a formal address to the people of Honolulu, owing to her recent illness, but that she would gladly accept the invitation to appear on the program being arranged for a meeting on Friday evening, September 7.

She wired to Dr. F. F. Bunker, of the Pan-Pacific Union, that she will speak briefly that evening, and it is assumed she will give some observations of conditions in the world as she has seen them during her year's trip.

She will appear under the auspices of the Pan-Pacific Union and the League of Women Voters. The meeting will start at 7:45 p.m., September 7, next week, with Governor Wallace R. Farrington, as chairman.

She also wired in a way that those planning a reception to her on her arrival at noon today, understand that she does not desire a reception at the steamer, and so as soon as she lands she will be taken immediately to her quarters in the Pleasanton Hotel where she will stay during her whole stay in Honolulu.

She will be greeted at quarantine by Dr. Bunker and at the wharf by her old friends, Mrs. Harriet Coleman and Miss Ermine Cross.

Chester Rowell, of California, will be the principal speaker at the September 7 meeting. He will discuss the World Court. The meeting is open to all who desire to attend.