Sophonisba P. Breckinridge to Jane Addams, January 26, 1925




Dear Miss Addams: --

Grace and I came down here Saturday for a little refreshment. She is awfully stricken by the Child Labor Amendment situation and we thought that we would run away and try to relax a little. We both have wanted to write you and she will send a letter, I am sure. I want to tell you how many people missed you last week at the Conference on the Cause and Cure. It was a fine Conference. The women were splendid and much of the speaking was fine.

You will have seen the accounts of the attacks on Mrs. Moore and on Mrs. Catt. I think they have learned [page 2] a great deal about the kinds of attack that have been made on you. Of course, no one wants them to learn by sad experience but I think they are wiser if not sadder.

Many times, people spoke of how much richer the Conference would be if you were only there to take part in the discussion.

And Alice Hamilton made a fine plea for a consistent anti-war attitude. I am sure you would have been proud of her and grateful for her speech.

We go back to Washington Wednesday morning. I feel very far away from every body -- it is my vacation quarter -- I'd like to be spending it with Hull House as in old times.

Devotedly always -- your -- S. P. B.

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