Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Financial Statement, June 1924 to May 1925


Account kept by the International President from June 1924 to May 1925.

Funds from former Congress -- $488.88 *Drafts to Geneva -- $3,639.75
Funds collected by International President after The Hague Conference -- 1,515.75
Funds of W.I.L. transferred from New York Bank -- 2,500.00
[Funds of W.I.L. transferred from New York Bank] -- 305.00
Dues and gifts collected at Washington Congress, -- 142.85
Gifts, since Washington Congress 95.00
Interest, on bank deposits -- 132.42
Dues from U.S.A. Branches,
sent to Washington office --
1,744.63 Exchange on checks .29
Dues from Chicago Branch,
sent direct to Geneva --
230.00 Sent to Geneva by the Chicago Branch -- 230.00
Balance in Bank -- 3,284.49
$7,154.53 $7,154.53

At the Washington Congress it was decided to secure funds for the support of the Geneva office by increasing International memberships rather than by gifts, which had been done before. In order to make the transition from one method to the other the International President agreed to send $500 a month to Geneva from gifts already secured from the United States which had been deposited in New York and Chicago banks, these gifts to be supplemented by other gifts secured by her if the dues were not sufficient. She submits the above account in the carrying out of this plan.

*At the rate of $500 a month beginning after the International Fund in Europe was exhausted.