Norah Hamilton to Jane Addams, August 14, 1911


My dear Miss Addams.

Alice read us a part of your manuscript last night, and we were deeply interested in it We discuss it and think of it all the which -- we will finish it together tonight -- We talked of illustrations for it. My cousins who draw -- think it would be better not to have them -- that is  only to have the one of the mother and child. [page 2] Alice wants more illustrations. There seemed a few possibilities as we read. -- one or two drawings of immigrant girls in [illegible] peasant faces -- and there perhaps drifting children of the street. A picture of a forlorn overcrowded home -- such as Miss Abbott had photographs of might be used. Others may suggest themselves as we read -- But I think perhaps it would be more reserved and in better taste not to have them. Everyone here thinks that it would look well [page 3] to have say "mother and child" reproduced in color. It so very simple in color scheme and I think would reproduce easily -- But I will to it as an etching or crayon drawing if you wish -- Will you not write what you think of this and what you decide about other illustrations. It is such a great treat to have the manuscript and we are very much thrilled over it.

I wish that I might be in Bar Harbor this summer. And I am very very grateful [page 4] for your kindness, but I feel sure that I had better stay in [Mackinac].

Sometime when you have time to think of it, may I not write to you about plans for girls clubs next winter -- they are not new troublesome ones.

Faithfully yours
Norah Hamilton

[Mackinac] Island

August 14"--

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