Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams, August 9, 1922 Also known as: Emily Greene Balch to Women's International League for Peace and Freedom Executive Committee, August 9, 1922

6, rue du Vieux Collège, Genève.
Circular Letter A13
Series 1922

August 9.

Dear Friend,

The Executive Committee will meet at Frieburg in Baden the morning of Wednesday September 6. The session will close the twelfth or if possible earlier.

It is very important to have full attendance as the business before us is important.

Please at once notify Frau [Haack?], 19 Hummelstr., Freiburg 1/B., the President of the Freiburg group of our League whether you are or are not coming, so that she will know for how many to arrange places especially as Freiburg is said to be very full now. Please tell her something of your preferences -- hotel, private family, in the [center] of the town or not, etc. It is just possible that we may be able to all lodge together but that is quite uncertain.

Please also notify me at the Hôtel Meister, Lugano, Switzerland, whether you are to be present.

If possible bring with you for reference your copy of the minutes of the last Ex. Com. meeting, at Vienna.

We hope to have one public meeting in Freiburg while we are there, probably on Sunday. I hope that after our sessions as many as possible of our members will return with me to Geneva and that we can hold a good public meeting there also.

It is enormously interesting and instructive to attend the sessions of the Assembly of the League of Nations which begins its meeting this year in September 3.

I am looking forward with great pleasure to seeing you again and am

Yours sincerely,

(signed) Emily G. Balch.


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