Emily Balch Greene to National Park Bank, June 13, 1924

130 Prince St.,
Jamaica Plain,
Boston, Mass.
National Park Bank,
New York City

Dear Sirs:

On May 5th I drew a check against the account of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom standing in the names of Jane Addams and Emily G. Balch for twelve hundred dollars ($1,200) payable to Mrs. Van Wulfften [Palthe], The Hague for deposit in the Incasso Bank. She writes me that until an "advice" from the New York bank notifying her that the aforesaid check has been sent cannot realize on it.

Will you kindly see that this matter is attended to at once if it has not been already?

I am instructed by Miss Jane Addams, in whose name jointly with mine, this account of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, stands, to now close out this account for whose careful handling since 1919 I hereby express my thanks.

My account shows a balance, after deduction of $1200 check of May 5, as above, as above, of $128.35 and I am making a check payable for this account to Miss Jane Addams in [page 2] Chicago.

If this does not serve to close the account correctly, either by excess or deficit, kindly inform me at once at my permanent address above.

Yours truly,