Ida Ruth Stewart to Jane Addams, June 9, 1924

606 Temple Ave
Detroit Mich
June 9th

Dear Miss Addams

Your humane and loving telegram was received and read at our membership memorial service last Friday. I am sending you such clippings, from our daily papers, as will, I think give you a comprehensive grasp of how it all happened! [page 2] The whole thing has been so shocking, so dramatic, so purifying that even in death arises her greater victory for peace.

I am still suffering from a keen sense of loss myself, but deep down in my heart is a renewed consecration and determination to reap the fruits of so noble a sacrifice by pressing forward the interests of our movement. [page 3] The Pax Special has [meant] so much to this country. I am wondering if a nationally outlined definite policy of education and advance would not make for a more uniform and symmetrical growth. We are around the bend here and feel the need of organized direction if we feel it, might not others feel it?

In Mrs Atkinson we have [page 4] sustained a great loss of a spiritual and personal leadership, but the awakening, the lining up of forces, the movement itself has received a great impetus [illegible] and straw men are falling and the truth is becoming apparent. Our members are sad but not disheartened.

We shall be glad for any suggestion that you [page 5] or the national office can make to us to forward the cause. With best wishes and loving goodwill to you dear Miss Addams

I am sincerely

Ruth Stewart.