Sophia Heatly Dulles to Jane Addams, April 5 1924


April 5, 1924.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Illinois

My dear Miss Addams,

I hope you arrived safely in Chicago unharmed by the weather and your strenuous trip. Thanks to your coming, things seem to be moving now and we are making every effort to help in the financial situation. A part, if not the whole of the proceeds of our Monday meeting for Bertrand Russell will be for the Congress.

Our people are most anxious to know which of the delegates are to be on the Pax Special tour, so that appropriate meetings may be arranged for them. We have already been asked for an Irish and a South American speaker and as we expect to have the delegates speak before groups of their own nationality, it will be a great help to know, as soon as possible, who they are to be. As we know that you can best decide this, we are hoping to hear from you.

Very sincerely,

Executive Secretary.

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