Mary Hall Ingham to Lucy Biddle Lewis, April 1924


My dear Mrs. Lewis,

I hereby resign from the Executive Committee and from the Board of the Women's International League and as Chairman of the Legislative Committee, the resignation to take effect today.

I hope you will understand that I am still interested in the work of the W.I.L. and especially in the International Congress. But I find it impossible to take further part in the work or to stay in Washington while I have any connection with it. For, when in Washington, I cannot help knowing about the very serious blunders still being made in parts of the work not touching the actual program for the Congress. Being unable, on account of the action of the Board in dismissing the Congress Committee and leaving Miss Woods in charge, to have any influence either on the work or with the International Committee, the only thing to do is to leave.

I have done all I could for the Congress and I am satisfied that the arrangements for the program and the International part of the work are safe in the hands of Miss Addams and the International Committee.

For the rest, Publicity, Hospitality, Peace Special, details of the Congress, the Mass Meeting and the Young People's Meeting, I have no choice but to leave them in the hands of Miss Woods.

(National) Under these circumstances, it is clear that the Executive Committee is responsible for Miss Wood's part in the work and that I have no further obligation to share in the responsibility.

I want to assure you and each of my friends on the Board that I now understand why it has been impossible to convey to them the truth about the situation in the office in Washington. I realize that the action taken in the abrupt dismissal of the Congress Committee was not meant to be discourteous to me nor expected to affect the work of the Congress.

One other thing I would like to explain. When I left Washington, I sent the furniture belonging to me to Philadelphia as I want to have it in reach. I had understood that Miss Woods did not like it in the office, but that may be another of the misunderstandings that seem to have no end. At any rate, I hope it caused no inconvenience. [page 2]

I am sending this letter to each of the Executive Committee and to members of the Board who have known something of the story.

My resignation requires no action by the Committee beyond having it recorded in the minutes.

Yours very truly,

[Signed?] M. H. I. [signed]