Stella Miles Franklin to Jane Addams, August 6, 1922

London address: 22 Harley Road
Aug 6th. 1922

My dear Miss Addams,

I never add an unimportant letter to your sea of correspondence but I think of you often and often and ↑Miss↓ McDowell [has?] referred to you so constantly that I am impelled to send you a greeting.

It was such a life saver to see Miss McDowell again, and what an Ambassador she is between the English speaking (and every other speaking) peoples -- so wise & human, so understanding & humorous as she is.

She was busy at the Settlement Conference and was lined up with the [organization] of a big deportation on housing matters so we did not see as much of each other as [I'd?] have wished but the snatches were something to be thankful for. [page 2]

I asked about each one of the Hull House friends -- Mr & Dr [Yarros], Dr & Mrs Britton, Mrs Mead, Mrs Pelham, Miss Smith, Mrs Blaine. I was deeply grieved to hear that Miss Grace Nichols is suffering so sadly. I was glad to hear you are keeping well and do not [weary] in seeking and sustaining truth.

I am having a little rest at a beautiful place in Yorkshire. Every morning the [drums] announce an army route-[marching]. Little children are joyfully called by nurse or mother to see the beautiful soldiers. No attempt to see war as it is -- still the glamour and adventure -- no brain power to understand below the surface patriotism.

At any rate England seems to have been relieved of Bottomley & Lord [page 3] Northcliffe by an "act of God" -- though what they stand for will doubtless flourish in other hands. This is only a stupid greeting but it is to assure you that I love you still the same and hope to see you again some day. I was smitten down with a cold last year and not able to go & call on you.

With all good wishes

Yours Sincerely

Stella Miles Franklin