Statement on Abraham Lincoln, February 12, 1922 (excerpt)



Chicago Liberals Ask Amnesty for Prisoners -- Cite Lincoln's Action.

Special to The New York Times.

CHICAGO, Feb. 12 -- More than 800 Chicago Liberals, voting as one man, decided at a Lincoln meeting today to send resolutions to President Harding, Attorney General Daugherty and Senator Borah, asking the release of 113 political prisoners serving sentences at Leavenworth and Atlanta.

Lincoln's declaration of amnesty, half way through the Civil War, even to those who had taken up arms against the Government, and the recent release of Eugene Debs, with twenty-four others, were cited as precedents.

Miss Jane Addams called Lincoln a "lumberjack," He would try to get at the human element in the case of the men imprisoned, as he was by nature sympathetic with workers, she said.