Caroline Potter Brazee to Jane Addams, May 11, 1911

314 South Second Street
Rockford, Ill.

My Dear Friend;

I have just finished reading "Twenty Years at Hull House."

The value of the work as a history is now considerate, and each year will add to that value.

I should like to specify chapters of very marked interest. I should like in some adequate way to express my sense of the value of your review of experiences as making a distinct "blazed trail" which will help others who will be "building the kingdom" in other wildernesses.

And I would like to say in a few suitable words how confident I am that this book you have written will prove an inspiration and enlightenment to others who are serving their own age. [page 2] I should like to say how much I have enjoyed the one woman, yourself, whom I have met all along as I have read these pages.

I congratulate you on the strong quiet poise you have attained.

I congratulate you and your all neighbors upon the exquisite sympathy and interest with which you understand other lives than your own. There is wondrous beauty in the way you have seen the unity of all life.

I thank you for what you have shown me in respect to the simplicity of real living.

My Dear Miss Addams may you live long to carry the Light and to enjoy the Light which you carry.

Yours with love
Caroline Potter Brazee

May eleven


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