Emily Greene Balch to Francis Ralston Welsh, October 31, 1924


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Mr. Francis Ralston Welsh,
20 South Fifteenth St,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Sir:

Some little time ago there came into my hands a highly slanderous letter and doubtless actionable letter saying that this organization is

"a purely Communist affair, gotten up originally in the interests of Germany and taken over by the Communists in their own interests and controlled by them. It has found many dupes because its professed objects appeal to almost everyone, but its chief promoters will be found mixed up with every sort of Communist, criminal and enemy of our civilization."

I enclose a copy of a statement giving the real facts of the case and refer you further to an article by L. L. Cline in the N.Y. World under dates of June 8, 9, and 10 and to a series of articles by Sidney Howard in the New Republic September 1924.

I hereby warn you not to repeat any false or [libelous] statements against this organization or its members and beg to remain,

Yours truly,