Jane Addams to Mary Rozet Smith, February 12, 1909


Dearest One

My heart has ached for you ever since your father has been sick and I know how torn you have been.

You went because people held you to it and you are staying [on] in the same way your friends who are yearning to help you only seem to complicate. I will see your father every day after Eleanor goes and write you every day. I will telegraph if it seems necessary and be watchful. You know how I wish I could do better than that. [page 2]

I laughed until I cried over the letter which you and Mrs Bowen sent. It was awfully funny. I have two Lincoln speeches today and then hope to take my breath a little. I love you, dearest, with all my heart and never more than at this moment. Alice is here and is going with J Lathrop and her sister later. Her mother is here today. Alice is not nearly so sick.

Always & forever yours J. A.

Feby 12" 1909