Jane Addams to Emily Greene Balch, September 26, 1924


Hull's Cove Maine

Dear Emily Balch

I have been writing to you at Jamaica Plain, hearing you were ill and assuming you had not yet started for Philadelphia when you were stricken.

Miss Woods letter has just told me you were in Penna.

I telegraphed a reply that I would be in New York from Sat A.M. to Sunday noon. It would be fine if you could come & also hear [Russia] while it is new.

I think that you must [page 2] decide with Mrs Post about the use of the extra $500.

I do not want it to go to Europe -- we appealed especially for the English printing & to send "extra" would only confuse them in their notions of our plethora.

I should like to have our summer school ↑pamphlets↓ printed from it -- after all the summer school fund gave a lot believing their printing was coming out of it. [page 3] I have already written to Mde Ramondt that she must supply the French & German funding from her fund which is already in Europe.

I think to [have] the U.S.A. U.S.A. Section sell the extra copies & pamphlets from their own fund would be very fair unless we pay it back [from?] them as part of the whole $50,000 fund.

I think that it could be published as a whole with names of donors without making it duplicating the printing. [page 4]

This is my opinion unless we paid the surplus straight back into the Nat. for the use of the office staff [etc.] during the summer.

I think that you and Mrs Post must decide and I shall be absolutely satisfied -- except that to send more money to Europe would be absolutely misleading.

Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

Sept 26 1924 P.S. Did you get my letter asking your advice about sending $500 to Geneva for Oct? Should we send it? J. A.