Ludwig Quidde to Jane Addams, August 15, 1924

Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft
BERLIN SW 68, Zimmerstraße 87

August 15th 1924.

Miss Jane Addams,

Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Miss Addams:--

Our friends who as representatives of the German Branch of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom took part in your Washington Congress will have told you how extremely important it would be for us if you could make it possible to take part in the International Peace Congress, i.e. the Congress [organized] by the International Federation of Peace Unions, which is to take place at Berlin from Oct. 2nd - 7th 1924.

I wired you accordingly on Friday, but did not post this letter at once in order to be able to send you with it or printed Provisional Programme.

There will be no need to point out to you how important under present conditions a peace congress is which is to [take place?] in Germany and how much depends upon making it appreciated by the public by winning personalities with a world-wide reputation like yourself to cooperate with it.

I further would like to point out that the German branch of the Women's International League is affiliated to the German Peace Kartell which latter body has been entrusted with the [organization] and local preparations for this congress. The Berlin local branch of the Women's International League is preparing a special exhibition which will be open during the day of the congress and in connection with the congress.

We will take the liberty to send you several copies of our printed invitations as printed matter, trusting that your office will be in a position to hand them on to the right people.

You would oblige me immensely by a speedy reply. I trust that your answer will be a [favorable] one.

Yours very sincerely

L. Quidde [signed]


It will depend in the first place upon your own wishes at which item of the [program] you will address the meeting.