Hannah Clothier Hull to Jane Addams, September 7, 1924


September 7 -- 1924


Dear Miss Addams: --

I am quite "thrilled" so to speak, at the mere idea of the possibility of a legacy for the W.I.L. -- and I am sure you must be also. Miss Woods writes me that she has written you and sent you a copy of Mrs Brite's letter. As Mrs Brite speaks her mind as to the most effective way to proceed, I [page 2] this is for you to be the one to write the necessary instructions etc. -- I shall do nothing unless you wish me to do something ↑it↓ in addition to what you do. I am sorry that I can not relieve you, but of course it would all come with so much more weight from you.

We are all disappointed that it will not be convenient for you to attend the Board meeting. We hoped you could [page 3] manage it en route. It was good of you to enquire about Mary's marriage. It is planned for October 4 and you will receive cards within a few days. It would be such a pleasure to us if it were possible for you to take it in, en route from or to something.

If you have any suggestions for the Board meeting, please send them. I think the Congress report excellent and congratulate [page 4] you all.

I wish you had some advice as to the National Secretaryship. It has been difficult trying to work out a solution, and very unsatisfactory because I have never felt that I were getting down to the very bottom of it all. We need your wisdom, if you have any opinion whatever, to offer.

Much love as always. --

Hannah Clothier Hull.