Emily Greene Balch to Elise Lathrop Lewis, October 27, 1924


October 27, 1924.

Mrs. Elise L. Lewis,
"Y" Unit, W.O.S.L.,
521 West 122nd Street,
New York City.

Dear Mrs. Lewis:

Miss Jane Addams wrote to you last spring in regard to the attack on this organization made at your meeting of June 4th of the Women's Overseas Service League, and I had imagined that you would then take pains to stop all action based on sheer misunderstanding of the character of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and taken without first communicating with us and giving us the opportunity to set ourselves right.

Unfortunately what was then set in motion is apparently not as easily stopped as the New Jersey Unit passed the same Resolution on October third.

I enclose herewith my statement in regard to this organization. As you will see, we like you, are working for the welfare of our country. You like us believe, (I have no doubt) that war is a wasteful and painful way of settling national differences and that no effort can be too great to find equally honorable and more reasonable and humane methods, in accord with our long established American tradition.

There are differences no doubt in our opinions as to how best to work to bring about God's Kingdom on earth but that is what we all are working for by our different methods.

I wish that you would be so kind as to send to me a list of your constituent units so that I may give them a chance to see something of the enclosed ↑evidence↓ before making up their minds as fair play evidently demands.

Yours very faithfully,