Emily Greene Balch to John Henry Dunn, October 30, 1924


October 30, 1924.

Brigadier General John H. Dunn,
Commander in Chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Kansas City,

Dear Sir:

In looking over some clippings I note that your organization at its meeting at Atlantic City last month, according to the newspaper "branded the oath exacted by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom as a 'slackers' oath, and demanded this 'evil' be wiped out."

May I call your attention to the fact that this action was based on misinformation and that the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom never has required any pledge or oath of its membership, neither the so-called slackers oath or any other.

May I earnestly urge upon you that it is un-American and unjust to pillory an organization in the papers all over the country on the ground of an accusation that you have not taken the trouble to verify nor to bring to the attention of the great body of women and fellow citizens whom you are thus "branding."

Even if the accusation had been tur ↑true↓ as it is false I appeal to you whether this should not have been done before passing such a serious vote. I think we are all too ready to accept whatever is presented to us without investigation.

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I send herewith a copy of a statement that will explain the character and purposes of this organization and shall be glad to furnish any further information.