American Defense Society Questionnaire, May 19, 1924



May 19, 1924

My dear Mr. [blank] : --

We are asking twenty-five men who stand out typically in the country as men of intellectual resource and idealism, the following questions:

1. What do you regard as the most important issue in the coming political campaign?

2. What party can best solve it?

3. Why do you think so?

4. If this party offers a solution, what chance do you think it has at the coming election?

5. What danger do you see in the failure of this party to be elected?

6. Do you think American public opinion generally is of your belief?

It is our purpose to publish the answers we receive to the above questions and send them broadcast throughout the country.

We believe your answers to the above questions will constitute a very definite contribution to public thought and we hope you will cooperate by giving us a prompt reply.

Very truly yours,

(Signed) C. M. Penfield
Assistant to the Chairman.

"Display the Flag on Flag Day" -- June 14th

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