Charles Pamperl to Jane Addams, May 26, 1924


May 26, 1924.

Miss Jane Addams, President,
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams: --

Seeing in the papers recently that Mrs. Norman Hapgood met the foreign delegates at the Washington, D.C. conference, I have sent her a letter and some emblem-reproductions which I hoped to get there in time for discussion. Mrs. E. R. Hapgood, in her kind reply dated New York May 20th told me that both my letter and emblem-designs reached her too late, but suggested that I may still be able to bring this matter before some of the foreign delegates by sending some to you.

This is the reason I come to you Miss Addams and hope I do not bother you too much with my renewed request.

Under separate cover I am remailing a blueprint, an enlarged seal-reproduction (now somewhat crushed) and another copy of an international emblem-design which may interest you.

It is intended exclusively as a sign of recognition (similar to the Red Cross) between persons who believe or [are] active in constructive service of some kind in any part of our World, regardless of economic, political, race or religious etc. divisions.

This design should become known as the "International Neutral Service Emblem." [page 2]

If wars [illegible] [revolutions?] should come, which God prevent, and such [workers?] for good should become isolated, this one thought may remain with all of us that like this chain of hearts which encircles the Globe, we will remain united (though perhaps temporarily separated) in our efforts to promote or perform benevolent, constructive impartial service as far as circumstances permit.

The inscription on the (seal) emblem frame is in the international, neutral, auxiliary language "Esperanto." To make this symbolic emblem widely known the post-card form will first be used together with a brief explanatory text in Esperanto and also in English which may be changed by reliable translators into the language of the various countries so that introduction of this international symbol or sign of united goodwill may be facilitated and misunderstanding as to its true meaning eliminated as far as possible.

Copyrights for other countries are now being obtained in Switzerland to somewhat prevent misleading imitations.

Later one society in each country, who as such performs any strictly neutral constructive service may -- (after reimbursing the advance-payments on copyrights, printing-plates, local fees etc.) -- obtain the sole reproduction right for these postals from the undersigned and take a small, legitimate profit on the sale of such cards for the promotion of their own particular service.

Will you kindly bring this before the foreign delegates and if possible show them the "Peace and Goodwill Flag" sketch, unless you have some such symbol? [page 3]

If questions come up regarding these emblems, service etc., I will [try] to answer them as soon as possible. May I add that, because I gave the question of world peace (for which I am trying to work) much impartial thought, I eliminated in these neutral emblem-designs symbols which I felt may (to date) offend peoples with other religious beliefs than ours, but tried to retain and compose forms which the majority could perhaps accept and easily understand throughout the world.

As art-student and worker I came in touch with representative members of nearly all social groups in America and various countries in Europe and listened to many reform ideas. A more thorough knowledge of facts about other nations and groups with their diverging interests I feel is necessary, to bring about greater tolerance, friendliness and final harmony.

For this reason I strive to find or create better opportunities for national as well as international [cooperation].

This no doubt is what you are aiming at and doing in this great task for the good of Humanity. You need not return the design-reproductions which I am sending you.

I am also enclosing a national motto-emblem postal which is to be published soon, with an [explanatory] text and appeal.

May you be permitted to continue the great service you are performing for many years to come.

With best thanks to you for all in advance, I am,

Yours most respectfully,

Charles Pamperl. [signed]