Jane Addams to Amy Woods, June 20, 1924


June 20, 1924

My dear Miss Woods:

I was very glad to get your letter and to know about the meeting in Swarthmore.

First, about the money for the report. The Summer School has twice sent Mrs. Post $250.00 so that she has $500.00 on hand. It looks as if we would secure $250.00 more from Mrs. Wieboldt the first of the week and I will send a donation myself the first of July of $250.00. That will be $1000.00 without borrowing. I hope that we may be able to sell copies of the report later. I hope Vilma Glücklich will send you the names of all the international members living in the United States so that you can send the reports directly to them. It would be foolish, of course, to send the ↑reports↓ to Geneva and pay postage back again. I hope we can begin to sell some of the rest. I should like to pay for 100, i.e. to send in $50.00 some time in July and have 100 sent to Hull-House. Perhaps the various branches would speculate, at least on $25.00 or $50.00 worth.

We have always sent them to the leading libraries in the United States and to some of them in England. I suppose we ought to donate to the British section some [10?] copies, hoping that they will order more. I will, of course, do what I can as rapidly as possible towards collecting the balance and I am very grateful for the loan which Miss Balch and Mrs. Post are willing to make. [written up left margin] ↑At least some should go back to Geneva & to be sent to the European sections & members.↓ [page 2]

I quite understand that the balance should go to the national office. I suspect from your last sentence that you misunderstood my feeling about the money sent in to the Washington office. It was not that I thought it was being consumed by the National but that it was being consumed with great rapidity before the actual Congress began. That first item on Miss Surles' list is the one which gave me a little shiver while it was going on! ↑However it is all past and all right.↓

You are quite right in assuming that the European expenses were to be paid from the International treasury, not in Amsterdam but at The Hague. I would not have the Head Taxes credited to the London office as we have no financial arrangement with them of any sort, but returned to Mme. Ramondt as it is money which she advanced to the individual Europeans. It would then go back again into the International treasury.

I hope very much that you are going to be in Maine for two months and that I will have a chance to see you. I will be there early in July. We are at Hull's Cove on Mt. [Desert], about three miles from Bar Harbor ↑& I should love [to have] you come to see us↓

Affectionately yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

↑PS. Mrs Trimble came to dinner last evening and we had a good talk about the Pax Special, how interesting it all is!↓