Henry Churchill King to Jane Addams, November 23, 1910


November Twenty-third,

Nineteen Hundred Ten.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Adams:-

It has been a long time since our students have had the oppurtunity of hearing you, and I am therefore writing once more in the very earnest hope that it may be possible for you to come to us again. Could you not give Washington's Brthday address this year? It would come at 10 o'clock the morning of February 23rd, and it need not, of course, neessarily deal with Washington at all, but simply have the natural national or patriotic note that you would in any case give. The honorarium for the address would be $50, which it quite too little, but all that we are able to offer.

Mrs. King and I will hope to have the pleasure of entertaining you as our own guest if you can come.

Always sincerely yours,

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