Jane Addams to Anna Garlin Spencer, May 17, 1924

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May 17, 1924

My dear Mrs. Spencer:

I have been very slow in acknowledging the receipt of your $25.00 which of course means that you either make yourself an international member for the next five years or that you name five people who are made international members. For the moment I will call you paid up for the next five years.

I am very grateful indeed for all the help you have given. I think you have been most generous. I so much enjoyed your reply to Ralph [Easley] that I sent it on with the material to file in the Washington office. I used to know him as a young man, when he was full of forward looking views. How harshly life does deal with some of us!

I think the McLeod resolution has come to nothing at all and of course the violence and all the rest of it lets us out.

We had a wonderful meeting in St. Louis after some tribulations and the Pax Special seems to have come through very well. The delegates are here and everything promises well for the opening of the school tomorrow. I am enclosing our last program.

With my best love and gratitude,

Jane Addams [signed]

Mrs. Anna Garlin Spencer
New York City