Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, September 25, 1903


My dear Alice

We have just telephoned for a catalogue of Dearborn Sem'y which ought to come at once.

In going over my accounts I find a note that you wrote saying you would pay another hundred dollars toward Sarah's trip in the fall. As I had to [borrow] the money for the trip at Freeport and as it is due the first of Oct. I should be glad for the help--if you still want to send it. She considered the trip as a present from both of us--I believe.

[page 2] I had a very pleasant little visit at Cedarville the first of the week. Mamie Greenleaf was there and everyone seemed happier than I have seen them for a long time. Laura comes in the last of next week.

Stanley has decided to go to the University of Chicago for next year. It is a relief to have him near enough to watch his health. His summer at the sea was an awfully good thing for him. I am glad Marcet's plans are settled.  We will expect you both at Xmas time. Always your loving sister

Jane Addams

Sept 25" 1903