Henry Blake Fuller to Jane Addams, May 5, 1924


Pittsburgh May 5th

Miss Jane [Addams]

Dear Miss: --

Having noticed in the Pittsburgh Newspapers about your meritorious convention; -- therefore, I thought I would like for you and the other ↑ladies↓ to read the enclosed plan, -- a copy of which, I submitted, or mailed to The American Peace Award, created by Mr. Edward W. Bok, offering $100,000.00 for the best practical plan by which the United States may cooperate with other nations to achieve [page 2] and preserve the peace of the world.

But, I had not the very least thought of being the winner of the $100,000, or, the $50,000.00, as first obtainable. But, I merely thought that in case of there being one or more subsidiary awards of $2,500 given, (as stated in the prospectus), that there was a possibility of getting such an award, which would have enabled me to have publish, and start my text book on the market for the help of music students, which is of a very novel and practical character. I wish you and all the ladies of the [page 3] Convention great success, in their very meritorious endeavor.

very sincerely

Henry Fuller
540 E. Ohio St. N.S.
Pittsburgh Pa.

P.S. UnlessIf↓ you are desirous to keep my the enclosed plan for any purpose; or, for future reference, you are fully welcome to it. Also, in case you wish to know any information about my book for the help of music Students, I will gladly mail you a circular, and also any information you wish about it.

[up right margin] P.S. Will you kindly excuse me if addressing you -- Miss is not correct, as only -- Jane [Addams] appeared in the newspaper, I read.

[written up left margin] P.S. In case you wish to answer, I have enclosed a postage stamp.