Jane Addams to Graham Wallas, May 7, 1910



May 7, 1910

My dear Mr. Wallas:-

I have been hoping all winter that something would bring you to Chicago and suggested to Mr. Allinson and one or two other people that they try to decoy you here with lectures. I had rather a severe surgical operation in the middle of the winter and have been away for several months, but am finally back and shall be here throughout June. It would give me a great deal of pleasure to have you as a guest at Hull-House and I am enclosing an announcement of the American Association for Labor Legislation of some doings in Chicago in June which will fall in with your dates. Everything is still in the very early making as you see.

I think you will very soon hear from Prof. Mead of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Chicago. [page 2] Many of us are so much impressed with "Human Nature in Politics" that we should like very much to have the students in philosophy and psychology hear you. I have also dropped a line to Prof. Ely but of course you may already be in direct correspondence with him. I do not know definitely about your lecturing. If you would not mind sending me a circular of terms, etc, I am quite sure some lectures could be arranged even as late as June.

Anticipating with a great deal of interest this opportunity of seeing you again, I am

Very sincerely yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

Graham Wallas, Esq.,
Cambridge. [page 3]


I thank you very much for drawing my attention to the mistake in the American. I find in reference to my manuscript that it was written there Stockmar but I must have read the proof carelessly.