Jane Addams to Amy Woods, March 6, 1924



Hull-House, Chicago
March 6, 1924

My dear Miss Woods:

I quite agree with you that the Governmental people in Washington should be invited. I shall be very glad to sign the letters if you care to have me. If they are invited to the National meeting of course the letters should be signed by Mrs. Lewis.

We all thought in Chicago that it was decided out here that the national meeting was to be held before the International one and are at a loss as to why it should come the day after. As I am constantly asked why this was done, I should be glad to know what influenced you, ↑it is all right [for us] of course.↓

If I do not hear by telegram that you are sending more envelopes, I will use the letters of appeal as I suggested in my telegram.

Hastily yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

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