Elizabeth S. Dixon to Jane Addams, September 30, 1923




Sunday, Sept. 30.

Dear Miss Addams,

Could you, would you be the guest of the College Club sometime during the month of November? Mrs. Graves, who is president this year, and Mrs. Watt chairman of the program committee are waiting impatiently for me to ask you -- but I hated to bother you the first week you were at home. It will be under the auspices [page 2] of your own old committee on Women and Internationalism if you will do it.

What we should like is a dinner on some Friday night preferably the 16th or the 23rd of November -- but if you prefer luncheon or a Friday afternoon tea it will be all right.

I hope you will feel that you can but I'm far from urging it if you think it will be a [tax?].

Cordially yours.

Elizabeth S. Dixon

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