Jane Addams to Sarah Alice Addams Haldeman, July 17, 1909


My dear Alice

Your Girard friends haven't come yet come to Hull-House as nearly as I can find out. Won't you send me the Chicago address so that I may ask them for a special time? I am only there twice a week this summer, but could easily manage to meet them. I [wrote] to Mrs [illegible] that would have to [page 2] keep to my rule, not to send my name to an enterprise with which I was not actively connected to. The letter sounds like that of an interesting woman.

Mary continues to improve [although] slowly -- I have had time for writing which I have enjoyed very much. I have just sent a book to Macmillan "The Spirit of Youths and the City Streets" [page 3] which will be out in the late fall. What are Marcet's plans for the rest of the summer -- I never heard the final decision. With love to you both always your loving sister Jane Addams

July 17" 1909

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