Olga Popper Misař to Jane Addams, March 10, 1920


Vienna, 10th March 1920

WEIN, IV [12?] STARHEMBERGGASSE 47 [stamped]

Dear ↑Miss Addams,↓

The two enclosed articles are about the dreadful state of things in Hungary. They are not meant to be reprinted anywhere, but rather for information and I am sending them for this purpose to my friends in different countries, asking everybody to do whatever he can to put a stop to these dreadful proceedings.

Well-informed politicians say, that these things are going on with the full knowledge of the English Commission who does nothing to stop the Hungarians. They say, that the English are so much afraid of Bolshevism as not to mind any measures that are effective in fighting it. But what goes on in Hungary is not only against Bolshevism but against all Socialists, Free-thinkers and against all Jews, even if they have taken no part in politics, and the way in which they are persecuted is brutal and inhumane and a disgrace and danger for the whole world.

I spoke to Mr Fimmen of Amsterdam lately. He told me of a trade-union [Congress] which is to take place in Amsterdam soon and where he will reveal some of the points which the English Commission settled with the Hungarian government. But I do not know how long it may last before this [Congress] will decide on some actual deed and meanwhile every day means danger and loss of human life. Please could you not consult your fellow workers as to what method would be best and quickest to exercise international pressure on the English Government, and to force it to stop the Hungarian persecutions?

Thanking you sincerely for whatever you may trouble in doing for this affair, believe me

Yours very sincerely,

Olga Misař [signed]